Auto Saver System

Designed with integrated circuits and silicone chips, the Auto Saver System monitors and responds to changes in humidity and other factors that lead to corrosion in your vehicle. The Auto Saver System provides an artificial barrier of electrons to restore the electrical imbalance that occurs at potential rust sites and protects your vehicle from perforation corrosion from the inside out and the outside in. The Auto Saver System is patented and provides 100% coverage of all grounded metal surfaces..

Green Rust Protection

The environmentally friendly Auto Saver System corrosion control module uses no chemicals to protect your vehicle – yet it still provides up to a 10-year warranty against rust. The Auto Saver System will provide additional protection from corrosion if your vehicle already has chemical rust proofing. This state-of -the-art electronic unit is maintenance free and comes with a lifetime warranty on the control unit.

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